Hazardous Waste Characterization (R.C.R.A.)  
pH (Aqueous & Non-Aqueous)
Flashpoint (PMCC)  

Reactive Cyanide   
Reactive Sulfide

Sample Preparation Title 22
Hazardous Substance, Soil, Sludge, Oil Preparation, TTLC, and STLC (WET)

Total Threshold Limit Concentration (TTLC Digestion)

Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration (STLC Extraction)
(48 hour Citric Acid Leach Test)

Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration (STLC Extraction)
(48 hour De-ionized Water Extraction)

Hazardous Substance Preparation
R.C.R.A. 40 CFR, Federal

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)
 (18 hour Acetic Acid Extraction)

Extraction Procedure Toxicity (EP TOX)

Water Sample Preparation
Total Metals  
Total Metals
Total Recoverable Metals
Filtration (0.45 Micron Membrane)
Hot Water Extraction

                NOTE: Sample containers including preservatives are available upon request at no charge.
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