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Quality Assurance
Midway Laboratory has many analytical instruments including hi tech
spectrophotometers and chromatographs. These instruments produce viable,
consistent data and require skilled analysts to operate them. Instruments require
routine daily calibrations that evaluate system performance.

For all instruments in the lab, various positive and negative controls are required
every time an analysis is preformed. This includes method blanks, blank spikes or
laboratory control spikes, matrix spikes and various duplicates.

All of the instruments have established detection limits and linearity ranges that are
checked on  a specific time basis. Quality control samples, second source check
samples and other various controls ensure that these instruments are calibrated and
working correctly and that these ranges and values are correct. The procedures for
defining these ranges are located in the SOPs and are described in CFR 40
part136, Appendix B. All of the methods have defined linear ranges and detection

Studies to redefine these factors are preformed any time a change in methodology or instrumentation occurs or if
confidence in performance is lost due to any reason
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