Our gas chromatographs are used for analyzing gases, sulfur, hydrocarbons, LPGs, hydrocarbon
profiles, simulated distillations, and solvent identification.

Midway Laboratory also uses an Alltech HPLC ion chromatograph. This instrument is used for
the determination of anions in both drinking water and waste water and has the capability of
measuring analites in the ppb range.
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Anions by Ion Chromatography
Bromide, Chloride, Fluoride,Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate & Sulfate

Natural Gas, Gasoline and Related Products

Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, and Xylenes (BTEX) in Natural Gas, Fossil Fuels and related products by Gas Chromatography

Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylenes,C-9 and Heavier Aromatics and Total Aromatics in Finished Gasoline
by Gas Chromatography

Hexanes (C-6+)* and heavier grouped gas analysis

Pentanes (C-5+)* and heavier grouped gas analysis

Nonanes (C-9+)* and heavier grouped gas analysis

Dodecanes (C-12+)* and heavier grouped gas analysis

Note:  The following calculations are included in gas analysis report.

              F- Factor                   GPM                         %C                
Z-Factor            Specific Gravity                  %H
Real BTU                Weight. %                     %O
Wet BTU                Liquid Vol. %                %N

* - Includes Oxygen-Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide (if greater than 300 ppmv) as well as physical data.

Water Content in Natural Gas Streams by Dew Point Determination (Field Test Only)

Sulfur Gas Profile and Simulated Distillations
Sulfur Gas speciation – total in Natural and related gasses (Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercaptans Sulfides and Disulfides to C-5 Mercaptan)
and quantitation to 0.2 ppmv

Total sulfur in natural gas by Flame Photometric Gas Chromatography

Simulated distillation of petroleum products by Gas Chromatography to C-15, Gasoline and Diesel

Simulated distillation of petroleum products by Gas Chromatography to C-44 hydrocarbon fraction  

Length of Stain Detector Tubes

Ammonia, by length-of-stain detector tube

Carbon Monoxide, by length-of-stain detector tube

Hydrogen Sulfide, by length of stain detector tube

Water Vapor in Natural Gas, by length of stain detector tube

LPG Analysis

Benzene in Gasoline

Extended Analysis of Hydrocarbon Liquid Mixtures to C-12

LPG Analysis, C-6(+), including olefins and physical data

Water content in LPG’s by Karl Fisher Titration     
Test and Analysis
Natural Gas Analysis
Example Form
CLICK HERE Sulfur Speciation -  Example Form
CLICK HERE Total Sulfur  - Example Form
LPG Analysis
Example Form