In compliance with State and Federal regulations and to maintain the
reliability and accuracy of results, a stringent quality control/assurance
program is maintained by Midway Laboratory Inc. Quality Control is
performed on all analysis as required.  

Both raw data and a typed report are available upon request to our
clients. The technician assigned to each sample verifies that the sample
was preserved and handled properly. It is the responsibility of the
technician and or supervisor to ensure proper care of each sample.

If a Quality Control Report is required, it will contain all the information
from the level of the quality control report selected below.

           LEVEL 1                                   LEVEL 2                                LEVEL 3

A.   Precision & Accuracy                A.  Precision & Accuracy                 A.  Precision & Accuracy
  1. Matrix Spike                                1. Matrix Spike                                1. Matrix Spike
  2. Matrix Spike Duplicate                 2. Matrix Spike Duplicate                 2. Matrix Spike Duplicate

B.   Method Blank                            B.  Method Blank                             B.  Method Blank

                                                C.  Instrument Calibration                 C.  Instrument Calibration        
                                                          1. Calibration Blank                        1. Calibration Blank       
                                                          2.  Initial Calibration                        2.  Initial Calibration
                                                               and Verification                               and Verification
                                                D.  Preparation & Analysis                D.  Preparation & Analysis
                                                      Information                                       Information
                                                          1. Dates & Analysis                        1. Dates & Analyst
                                                               Signature-Initials                            Signature-Initials
                                                                                                        E.  All raw data.
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Quality Assurance
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